the Works of Glenn Warners

            Choraster: Singing in chorus' in school and church, in Jewish, Black Gospel, Opera, and Symphonic ensembles. 
                       Participating in large choral works by the masters, as well as new music.
            Music leader: Leading small/large group singing in church settings
            Folk music facilitator: President, promotions, putting on more than fifty events per year for 15 years.
            Folk music practitioner: folk dancer, contra dance caller, guitarist, fiddler
                                 SEE:    DUTCH RIVER STRING BAND
                                               Gooder'n Grits
                                               Cookin' Old Time Jam     
                Sketches and drawing saved from the bored years. School and Church frameworks.              

                Acrylics & Misc. 

                en Pein Aire of the West Michigan area.

              Photos of the remnants of the wax figures and other constructions

           Poems and songs, websites

Home Improvement Projects:
            Gardens, Bathroom remodels, Deck,  

Family Photos:
             Vintage Family Photos: 
                    1890's to 1950's