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Great actions & attitudes

Sales tips:  

You are as happy (enthusiastic) as you chose to be.


When I walk in the store I know I am going to make money.  I just don't know how much.

I just know it will be wonderful.


They came here for a reason.

People that shop here are not concerned with price.

They want what is best.

This is the quality. look at this!

Don't create road blocks: open doors to make it easy.

Know the product !

Everything I do is to give value to the customer

Make an indelible, positive capable agreeable likable  impression so they will want to do business with you rather than ...

I give them confidence.

I tell them what to expect.

I ask for the sale.

I am asking all the time so I know and not surprised at the end. 

Get them off the street.

Nail it down w/ payment 

even if contingent on .... 

"fortunately for you....they offer....

They have lowered the price

this a lot of furn for the money

AL is one of the premier 

We have been an A/L dealer for over

Signature piece in your home.

it pays to pick the right one

You can see what is available to you."

various prices in how you want it delivered.

Not "add on's" : 

Goal:  64,000  =  $ 3200/day

20 days per mo.

Find the objections early.

Work them out early

Make an easy path from the furniture to their home. They only have to give the money.

GIVE THE PRICE then shut up.

What's the best price? it is shown.

What would you offer? I will check w/.

WRITE IT ! Take them off the street.

subject to:......

We are in the fashion industry:

We need to project that in the way we dress

And the way we present ourselves to the customer.

Wearing baggy sweaters and not doing personal hygine ect. 

We must know what we are talking about.

But looking good is important.

Get rid of dumpy clothes. 

Get clothes that fit AND in style.

Sales/Service/Collection  Foundations of business

Objections: ie: Price   It is not sold, go back

Go back to resell it.

Special design features you are not going to find. Every thing has value. It is special !!!

I know that when I come here I will make money.

I know in the first 3 seconds the intent of the customer.

People that shop here are not concerned with price.

They want what is best.

Bright & shiny people look at the watches and rings.

i never let the customer know that they are not in charge of the sale. I am in total control.

I know when I walk on the floor I am going to sell something.

Can't do too much for the customer

Triggers:  what que did I miss? everything was moving forward.

Step up sale. move up.

I make a lot of money for this company.

When I get through with them, they feel like they are getting a great deal at full price.

I am not a cheap salesman who gives away things.

People are glad to pay me all that I am asking.