the Works of Glenn Warners


An Olde Time String Band

Songs & Fiddle tunes for dances and shows

Old country love songs

Folk music practitioner: folk dancer, contra dance caller, guitarist, fiddler

Folk music facilitator: President, promotions, putting on more than fifty events per year for 15 years.

Music leader: Leading small/large group singing in church settings

Choraster: Singing in chorus' in school and church, in Jewish, Black Gospel, Opera, and Symphonic ensembles. Participating in large choral works by the masters, as well as new music.


Photos of the remnants of the wax figures and other constructions

Sketches and drawing saved from the bored years.

School and Church frameworks.

Acrylics & Misc.

en Pein Aire of the West Michigan area.

Home Improvement Projects:

Family Photos:

Vintage Family Photos:

1890's to 1950's