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Sales Tips

"You sell your self in the first 30 seconds."

1. Self-Confidence:  Know your product

2. Price is established: overcome it with Value

Lead w/ Value; a mountain of benefits

3. Soft Close: “sound good?”

4. Connect: If they know you know what they want they can trust you

5.  Use Customer’s vocabulary

6. Treating them like they are the only ones in the store.

Provide with the best possible experience.

7. Use only the info necessary.

8. Build value into it all the way to the desk.

9. Don’t overlook anybody.

Little Things can Mean Every thing

    by Jim Meisenheimer

                Examples of people chewing gum and not responding in time

Attributes Of Successful Salespeople

1. They have clearly defined personal and professional goals in writing. It’s not the writing that achieves the goal: it’s the specificity of it. Writing ensures it gets done.

2. Successful salespeople pursue their goals passionately. Their passion creates excitement and focus. Once the goal is set, successful salespeople think, “yes I can” rather than “yes I can’t.” The difference between can and can’t is the letter “T” for TRY. They work with gusto and sparkling eyes.

3. Successful salespeople are different. They recognize it’s a curse to blend in and a virtue to stand out. They’ll handout fortune cookies with a note they created. They’ll take pictures of their customers using their products and include them in the proposal. They are quick to write thank you notes everyday.

4. Successful salespeople always have positive attitudes. They always expect the best. Successful salespeople aren’t immune to the daily swings in day-to-day living. They aren’t easily derailed from their mission as professional salespeople. When they experience a negative situation, they refuse to wear it as a badge of discouragement.

5. Successful salespeople view themselves as students of selling instead of masters of selling. You’ll seldom hear a top-of-the-heap salesperson boast “I’ve always done it this way.” They’re always changing, fine-tuning, and adjusting their methods.

Success depends on you taking the “road less traveled.” Success comes first to those who hustle. Success is within your reach if you work hard to achieve it.

Everyone is capable of becoming the person they want to be. As long as you’re breathing – it’s never too late.

Remember, how you think is everything! I mean everything.

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Glenn Warners,
Mar 21, 2016, 2:12 PM